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Address:  Chicopee Foundation, Inc., 403 S. Pesavento Ave., P.O. Box 593, Pittsburg, KS 66762-0593

Telephone:  (620) 232-1959

Website:  chicopeekansas.org


The Chicopee Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c)(3)  not-for-profit corporation licensed in the state of Kansas.  Established in 1994, its dual purposes are:

To preserve, restore, and maintain the building, grounds, and assessory structures of St. Barbara’s Church, located in Chicopee, Kansas, and to use said building as a community center to promote the social and cultural aspects of Chicopee, Kansas, as a community.

To develop, implement, promote, and encourage programs and activities which enhance public appreciation and awareness of the heritage of Chicopee, Kansas, and to foster and promote knowledge of and interest in the local history of said area.

The Chicopee Foundation, Inc., is the owner and operator of the Chicopee Community Center.  Membership in the Foundation is available to anyone interested.  The Board of Directors, comprised of nine persons, is elected by the members.  The Center is totally conducted by volunteers.  All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible.  The Center is comprised of the chapel and hall.

St. Barbara’s Chapel

Named for the patron saint of coal miners, this beautiful Gothic chapel has a seating capacity of 175.  It continues to serve as the setting for weddings, church services, meetings, musical programs, and lectures.

Kilholland Hall

The social hall of the Center has tables and seating capacity for 100 people.  This handicap accessible area has a large, fully equiped kitchen, and bathroom facilities.  Dinners, receptions, parties, and reunions are held here.  In addition, weekly senior game socials are held each Wednesday afternoon.

The Chicopee Community Center, since 1994, has served the community of Chicopee, Kansas, and surrounding area.  The Center is maintained by the Foundation through memberships, donations, rentals, fund raisers, and grants.  This beautiful, historic, tile and stucco Gothic structure, with its tall steeple and gilted dross can be seen for some distance around.


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