To reserve the facilities for any planned event. contact:  Jerry Lomshek, by calling 620-232-1959, or by e-mail at




The user’s fee for use of the social hall – Kilholland Hall – is determined according to group size.  Rates are as follows:

Group Size                                               Rate

0 to 25                                                $35.00

26 to 50                                               $60.00

51 +                                                  $125.00

Each hour beyond 12:00 midnight is charged at the rate of $100.00 per hour.

The large, fully equipped kitchen is accessible and available for all fundaions; Foundation supplies are not.


The chapel – St. Barbara’s Chapel – is available for weddings, large meetings, and lectures.

The user’s fee for the chapel is $200.

No refreshments are allowed in the chapel.


A damage deposit of $75 is required for use of either the hall or chapel.  This deposit will be refunded after the event, if there is no damage and the facilities are cleaned.


The damage deposit must be received to reserve a date for use of the facilities.  The user fee is due prior to the scheduled event.


Signs, Posters, and Decorations:  The use of glitter and confetti is not allowed.  Penetrating attachments (pins, wires, staples, thumbtacks, nails, etc.) are not allowed.  Adhisvive tape is not allowed.

Tobacco:  The Chicopee Community Center is tobacco free, therefore, No Tobacco products of any kind may be used within the facilities.

Alcoholic Beverages:  Alcoholic beverages may be used in the hall, if permission is first obtained.  The person(s) scheduling the event are responsible for the handling of alcohol on the premises.  Damage deposit may be increased when alcohal is used.

Liability:  The Foundation does not assume responsibility for any persoanal belongings and/or equipment brought into the Center by the user(s) or third party caterer.

The user(s) are responsible and shall reimburse the Foundation for any damage, loss, or liability incurred by any of the user’s guests or any person or organizations contracted by the user(s) to provide any service or goods before, during, and after the function.

For the purpose of examining and inspecting the condition of Foundation property, Foundation Board members may, from time to time, enter upon the premises where a scheduled function is being held.

By scheduling an event, the user agrees to observing these rules.



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